Who Are We?

Cognitive Market Research is research and consulting company. CMR with the help of Syndicate Reports/Customized Data/Consultation Services helps our clientele in strategic decision making and leads to success/growth story. It provides over 15,000 client organizations with competitive analysis report, industry overview, market trends data, and product evaluation reports. We offer products and services in more than 100 countries across all the industry verticals for every enterprise size and tiers. Cognitive also offers consulting services, produces conferences, seminars, webinars and other events aimed at the client's success story. As a market research company we deliver the best data quality and higher accuracy on the basis of our Robust Research Methodology, Data Gathering Process, Verified Sources and Industry Experts. We focus on making sure that based on our published reports, database, research team's strength our clients are enabled to make most vital business decisions in easiest and yet effective way. Hence, we are committed to delivering them outcomes from market intelligence studies which are based on relevant and fact-based research across the global market.

What Sets Us Apart From Others

As an indigenous entity, we are committed to strive for the betterment of every organization across the globe. Hence, when it comes to our services we provide top notch data quality and valid source proofing. We make honest endeavors to ensure that our clients are delivered with finest services form our side so that they will be able to make emphatic decisions on a long-term basis. Ultimately, our aim is to rise as a “One Stop Solution”, to all your market research and consulting needs.

Why Us

  • 450+ new clients added each year by Cognitive Market Research.
  • 1.1 Mn+ new data points and 1500+ reports are covered each year.
  • 2 Mn+ hours of research experience we have and we are growing rapidly.
  • 100+ countries served globally and satisfactions is our strength .
  • 450+ client queries and requirements handled each day by our research team.
  • 24*7 support is provided pre-sales and post-sales.
  • Experienced and highly qualified team of more than 500+ Analyst
  • Physical Presence across 5 Continents with help of 1000+ Freelancers
  • Experienced Team of Primary Respondents Located Across Globe

Recently Published Reports

Working with Cognitive Market Research has undoubtedly aided me and my organization in identifying the greatest resources and most cost-effective suppliers for our new manufacturing plant. Our distribution method was also channelized with the help of the CMR team.
In this challenging time, the variety of inputs given for different regions and countries has helped me make critical business decisions and find regions with the strongest demand for our goods.
Thank you to the CMR team for assisting us in determining our product market share in various locations. Your Research Team's strategies have helped us expand into new markets and increase our market share in existing ones.
Cognitive Market Research Response speed was excellent!! Their research team assured us that we received our specific demand in the shortest time possible, with near-perfect results.Thank you for your help, CMR team.
The CMR team rapidly comprehended our demands and tailored the study to meet them. They were willing to make a few alterations outside of the agreed-upon scope to increase the study's quality. Interim reports were shared regularly, allowing us to assess study results, avoid misconceptions, and achieve our objectives. The well-organized data and excellent presentation of the final report made it simple to derive insights.
I had a fantastic time working with the CMR team. They responded to my inquiry quickly. The package I eventually purchased was not what I had anticipated. The clear and timely information I received aided me in finalizing and purchasing this package that exactly met my needs.
Getting the information I wanted was a simple and quick process.
From a vast pool of market research organisations, we chose CMR. We made our decision based on the company's commitments, pitch, and value proposition. I can attest to their commitment to meeting their deadlines and sticking to the agreed-upon schedule. Their staff goes above and above to obtain secondary information that is not addressed in their providing brief.
CMR agreed to cover our market research needs and assist us in developing our Go-to-Market strategy. They began their job in a state of upheaval, exacerbated by tight deadlines and a scarcity of data. We recognize that the relatively new nature of our industry makes breaking into its trends difficult. Despite the odds, CMR presented us with market-related value-based insights and inferences.
I did glance through CMR’s report, and can see how the information is very valuable. I appreciate a lot of effort has gone into compiling such a report.
I appreciate Cognitive.
I think we are happy with the report you shared – it was very helpful. There is a high level methodology overview in your report and would love source citations and some methodology overview in key parts of the report.
I have looked at the file and it appears to have everything that we need to have a good understanding of our market.
I’m looking forward to cooperating with you regarding to another market as well. Again, thank you for your kind proposal and action. Thank you very much for your clear explanation.
In general the information is great as well as the criss-cross analysis gave us a deep insight!
I wish to congratulate you and your team for the marvelous work effected in putting this report together. Same was clear, insightful and provided an overview of the global market in the defined region. The information derived from this report have been very helpful in orienting management towards taking some crucial decisions.
Thank you very much for your email. I overviewed the presentation. It is very informative. Your services very useful and would love to thank the CMR team.
Thank you for your special efforts. Cognitive team has done a good job so far and that’s exactly why we would like to engage with you further into new projects. I am confident you will keep up the good work and continue to delight us with your work.
I am impressed with your service and will remember that should I need data I will come to you. Thanks and I will keep it on file for future projects.
We have been happy with the Recipe Apps market assessment provided by Cognitive Market Insights. You guys did a great job. I have also referred you into my project.
It is interesting, and I appreciate your knowledge on the said topic. Loved your work! Thanks for your services.
We asked for the global Hot Tub Market Report and the relationship with Cognitive Market insights is productive and professional. They even personalized parts of the report according to our specific needs. They understood our needs
I think we are happy with the report you shared – it was very helpful. There is a high level methodology overview in your report and would love source citations and some methodology overview in key parts of the report.
I appreciate sharing the document and excel sheet. Thank you so much for your insights and research & the report. Thanks to your team. Even though I was requesting many clarifications and details continuously, you tried to understand with patience, and called me many times regarding this report. I thank you for the job you did. Really you all did well.
Thank you so much for this report, it is really useful to us as the first serious analysis of the Metal Heat Treatment market. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding of our financial position and remain open to a conversation about our experiences in this market if that is helpful to you.
Thanks for the services. It looks promising and am sure it will be of great help.
The information is so comprehensive and detailed, that it has allowed us to identify and focus our new business development efforts. This one report has saved months of leg-work.
CMR has saved precious time and resources brought together in a concise and informative manner. The report clearly outlines the key markets and segments, but also highlights those with potential. This helps assist with decisions to cement our current position within our own market but also formulate long term strategies to realize the potential for global growth that can be achieved. The most detailed report of its nature in the market place at present.
Dear Nicolas Shaw, Everyone is satisfied with the Adiponitrile market report you sent. I would like to purchase additional market reports. (Adipic acid) I request a sample of the Adipic acid market report and ask how much it costs.(If the price is reasonable, I am willing to buy it right away.) I hope the market report includes the following. 1. Including market size (USD) and volume (killoton) of Adipic acid (with as much detail as possible) 2. Including latest version I look forward to hearing from you.
Cognitive market research team was quick to grasp our requirements and customize the study to our needs. They are willing to accept some changes beyond the agreed scope to improve the quality of the research. Interim reports are shared periodically, which helps us to review research results, to avoid misunderstandings and thus achieve our goals. The data is well organized and the presentation of the final report is very good making it easy to get information.
The clear and prompt information I received helped me in finalizing and purchasing this package as it suited my requirements perfectly. It was a great, quick process to get the information I needed.
I can share that it was a positive experience that Cognitive Market Research was flexible in meeting our needs and providing an excellent report that met all of our requirements. Personally, I appreciate the quick follow-up from the team and we'll be sure to contact you in case further research assistance is needed.
Cognitive Market Research did great market research for my company. Thanks to their reports, my company was able to identify new opportunities and has now expanded its operations in China. We look forward to using your marketing research capabilities on an ongoing basis.
We worked on a project with Cognitive Market Research and the quality of the research met our expectations. We appreciate the help and prompt response from our customer service representatives.
Our Customer Service Representative, Nicolas Shaw, never tired of our endless questions and requests for additional information even beyond the scope of our project. Inquiries were nearly always answered with 24 hours, even those made months after the end of a project.
Thank you for the kind support of your team !!! I have received the final report, and the report is really helpful for me. Moreover, I will contact you, if I have any new need for market research materials, of course.
We purchased a off-the-shelf report with additional customization and found it to be satisfactory to us. We greatly appreciate the flexibility of Cognitive Market Research in tailoring the scope of work, fees, payment terms and materials based on our needs. We are also pleased with the response we receive to our after-sales queries.
Dear Timothy, you are serious, professional and precise. Hopefully we can have more cooperation in the future!
We appreciate your customer service, quick response times and flexibility in terms of customization of reports and nice response in general.
What is amazing about them, is that they delivered the report within the stipulated time, that is, 3 weeks. It had excellent information that supported my project and helped me write my business plan. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone!
I can say I was very pleased with everything about the process. Being apart of a startup there are constantly moving parts and key decisions to be anticipated.
"You explore the possibilities to satisfy despite that the requests from our side were not so easy to get. You are very flexible and fast in response. I must point out that your approach in serving us as Customers is very positive."
In general, your pleasant response, adaptability to tailor reports, and promptness in customer service are truly commendable.
We extend our gratitude for your kind attention and support. At Cognitive Market Research, we take pride in delivering exceptional services, and we are delighted to know that we met your expectations. Should you require our assistance again in the future, we would be honored to serve you once more.
The services provided by this exceptional provider are nothing short of outstanding. With meticulous attention to detail and a prompt turnaround, they deliver insightful analysis in a format that is both comprehensible and easily accessible.
Your market report and data are a true gem - comprehensive and precise, just what I needed. Your team's prompt and efficient response has not gone unnoticed and I am extremely grateful for it. Thank you so much!
Cognitive Market Research has been an absolute delight to work with. The report they delivered was not only accurate, but also completely aligned with my requirements. I couldn't be more pleased with the final outcome, as it has provided me with the necessary insights to formulate effective business strategies. I am extremely satisfied with the exceptional quality of their work.
Working with the CMR was an absolute pleasure. They went above and beyond by providing market sizes for several small markets, where obtaining accurate data can be quite a challenge. This remarkable effort played a crucial role in enabling the client to make an informed decision regarding their portfolio expansion strategy. Their dedication to delivering quality work is truly commendable.
Your appreciation for my assistance is greatly appreciated. I am pleased to hear that the report has provided valuable insights into the market. It would be my pleasure to maintain communication and collaborate on future survey projects.
We are pleased that we were able to deliver excellent work within the tight deadline. It was a pleasure working with CMR. We would be more than happy to continue future services with you.
CMR has worked professionally at all times, enabling clear presentation of the results to identify key trends and areas for growth and improvement of the International Customer Services team now and in the future.
Cognitive Market Research proved to be highly adept at taking the time to understand our business; despite the complexities encountered in a niche business like ours they were professional throughout our work with them, and most importantly the research findings and recommendations met our requirements exactly. We are really pleased that we made the decision to work with CMR and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.
We have been so impressed with the standard of work delivered by Cognitive and Team
The final presentation of results was incredibly well put together, delivered with clarity, and gave us more insight than we had hoped for. Thanks Team CMR
We were impressed by the final report showing comprehensible results and recommendations. An additional presentation which we requested covered everything we defined in a concise and practical solution. This report is a valuable study.
Having been given the delicate task to enquire about sensitive business information across a wide number of companies, Cognitive Market Research did a truly professional and remarkable job of it. I would recommend them with no hesitation
I found the entire team at Cognitive Market Research to be driven to achieving the best result for our company. I valued their persistence to get the job done.
Thank you for your market research report which helped us alot. Your team completely understood what I wanted to achieve right from the start of the project.
We are really pleased that we made the decision to work with CMR and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.
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