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 zigong garbage-凯发国际k8官网登录手机
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zigong garbage-fired power project draws intense attention from zigong municipal party, municipal government and its client, sichuan energy-investment company



zigong deputy mayor zhang bangju(middle), sichuan energy-investment company chairman guo yong(the first one in the right),cwpc chairman li renchao(the second one in the left) made an investigation on the work site all together


     at present, the 2×400t/d zigong garbage-fired power project, on which cwpc is the share holder and main contractor, is in the midst of construction. it’s planned that the first set of garbage-fired boiler will be put into ignited commission on june 30th.as the sample project in the field of new energy represented by biomass, municipal solid wastes etc. used as the fuels, and as the sample base where zigong municipal government deals with city pollution effectively, improves zigong people’s environment, promotes environmental industry and develops circular economy, this project draws high attention from various fields. on february 25 th, mr. zhang bangju,  as the zigong deputy mayor ,mr. guo yong,as chairman of the project client sichuan energy-investment company, and mr. li renchao, as the chairman of cwpc etc., made an investigation on the work site all together. mayor zhang heard reports on the construction situation of this project from relative persons in charge and put forward constructive advices for the project. later on, for further communication and prompt solutions of problems on site, chairman guo yong and chairman li renchao etc. held a project seminar in cwpc in public.
      on the meeting, with the determination to make concerted efforts, make the project perfect and lead in the field, both sides carried out further discussion on how to strengthen technical improvements, improve management system, optimize manpower allocation, and implement task execution etc. based on the standard of excellent quality and efficiency, and finally come to an agreement.
      on the meeting, it emphasizes that zigong garbage fired power project is a good opportunity and platform to improve cwpc’s developments. the smooth completion of this project will have a magnificent influence on cwpc’s entering the domestic “three waste” processing market and winning attention from the capital market; it also is an effective exploration and trial on cwpc’s business operation mode and expanding into the international market.
      finally, chairman li renchao said ,the zigong government, the municipal party and sichuan energy-investment company had always been paying high attention to the promotion of this project ,we had much confidence in reaching the purposes, and we will take the best advantage of our rich resources and  experience in techniques, management and preservation ,we will speed up the project progress to guarantee the project quality and ensure the smooth realization of the grid-connected power generation system in this year.