mr. liu jie, the vice-凯发国际k8官网登录手机

 mr. liu jie, the vice-凯发国际k8官网登录手机
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mr. liu jie, the vice-governor of sichuan province visited cwpc


 mr. liu jie (left four), the vice-governor of sichuan province was visiting the steam drum workshop of cwpc


    on february 28th, 2013, accompanied by mr. lei hongjin, the municipal party secretary of zigong city, mr. liu jie, the vice-governor of sichuan province, mr. shao xiaolong, the vice-director of development and reform commission of sichuan province, mr. wang jianming, the vice-director of the economic and information commission of sichuan province and mr. luo zhiping, the deputy director-general of sichuan science and technology agency visited china western power industrial co., ltd (cwpc) which located at bangcang industrial park, high-tech zone, zigong city, to carry out a survey on industrial economic development of zigong city.
    during the survey, mr. liu jie, the vice-governor of sichuan province and his delegation visited the production field and product manufacture in process in water wall workshop, the steam drum workshop and tube coil workshop of cwpc, and mainly learned about the achievements got by cwpc in the development of technology on new energy comprehensive utilization boilers. he pointed out that: nowadays, multipoint and multipolar development strategy has been developed into an important one which could push sichuan province to a powerful province in economy; and zigong has solid industrial foundations, and the enterprises here have huge potential for development, so a group of enterprises with broad field of vision, dared to independent innovate and equipped with strong core competitiveness will stand out in the process of strategy implementation and play an important role in promoting development; also he hoped that as a key enterprise of national circular economy, cwpc should follow the strategic deployment of “mutual fusion between new industrialization and new-type urbanization, complement the industrial function and urban construction each other” set by provincial party committee and government, rely on its nearly 30 years experience in heavy equipments manufacture, devote itself to achieve three wastes(waste gas, waste water and waste residues)resourceful, reduced and harmless treatment, thus to get greater success.
    mr. li renchao, the chairman of cwpc, said that cwpc will continue adhering to independent innovation, positively seize commanding height of technology and market, and intensify the efforts on market exploitation, especially on epc and investment in the area of new energy system. recently, under the guidance of the strategy of “multipoint and multipolar, preferential develop the cities group in the south of sichuan” and under the provincial and municipal leaders’ care and support, cwpc made a antecedent step in the respect of promoting the cooperation between zigong enterprises and the cities inside and outside of the sichuan province.
    cwpc has carried out a serious of negotiation and cooperation with guang'an city, panzhihua city, luzhou city and shehong county and guangxi yulin city and gansu zhangye city on refuse incineration power plant projects, and these activities have been affirmed by the local government with strong support.
    these fruitful cooperation activities have increased the market share of cwpc in the fields of solid waste treatment, energy conservation and environmental protection, improved the raising of total industrial output value, and helped cwpc to show its overall advantages in green, low carbon and environment-friendly equipments manufacturing, epc, investment and operation to the outside world; also made cwpc play an active role in powerful industrial province construction, increasing the industrial strength in zigong area, speeding up the enterprises’ brand construction and tapping new industrial economic growth points for zigong city.