sir b.k.geol, ceo of indian um company make an on-凯发国际k8官网登录手机

 sir b.k.geol, ceo of indian um company make an on-凯发国际k8官网登录手机
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sir b.k.geol, ceo of indian um company make an on-the-spot investigation on cwpc together with his team


the situation that ceo b.k.geol pays a visit to cwpc together with his team


    on february 28 th, sir. b.k.geol, ceo of indian um group corporation made an on-the-spot investigation on cwpc together with his technical team—sir. s.c.bhatt and sir. k.k.choubey in engineering department. mr. yang jun, president of cwpc, mr. lin yu, vice president of cwpc, mr. li yuexin, vice chief engineer of cwpc, and mr. wu bin, vice economic engineer of cwpc etc. received the visitors warmly.
    um company is a diversified indian group corporation, which has superiority in the respect of power plant epc projects. cwpc is one of the large power plant boiler manufacturers, large power plant auxiliary manufacturers, and important exporting bases of power equipments in china. it’s obvious that the mutual communication and cooperation between these two sides will be beneficial to enriching each other’s businesses, and at the same time, it will be good to accumulating more experiences in the international market for cwpc and speed up cwpc’s developments. therefore, this meeting draws high attention from both sides.
    during the visit, sir. b.k.geol with his team paid a special visit to cwpc’s exhibition hall, coil tube workshop, water-cooled wall workshop and steam drum workshop. they made a detailed observation, inquiry and records on every working procedure and product in workshops and communicated with cwpc’s technicians on every technical problem face to face on site. at the same time, president yang jun further introduced cwpc’s business specialties in the respect of equipment manufacture, epc projects, investment and operation. he also introduced cwpc’s leading place in the techniques in utilizing new energy and renewable energy, product solutions and full services. all of those advantages have achieved magnificent performances in markets from home and abroad for cwpc, and have provided more convenience and choices for cooperation between cwpc and um. later on, both sides carried out further talks.
    it is deserved to mention specially that at present cwpc has had three cooperated projects in india, and all of these projects carry out well .there is no doubt that it increases um’s interests and confidence in cooperation with cwpc.