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non-public offering stock has been successfully issued, rmb 870.58 million raised

  on march 17, 2014,the additional new stock of non-public offering stock from refinancing in 2013 got listed in shenzhen stock exchange, which indicates a complete success of non-public offering stock.

  this financing has issued 38 million shares to eight specified investors; total amount of raised funds is rmb 870.58 million which is used for investing and constructing industrialization project of low-emission, energy-efficient hrsg in science & technology industrial park of cwpc, establishing china western power engineering co., ltd. and increasing the capital for sichuan energy investment huaxi biomass energy co., ltd.

  this refinancing means a great deal to cwpc, which not only provides strong support for the investment and construction of these three major projects and reduces financial charges, but also actively stimulates the establishment of “major three business sector”, namely manufacturing, epc and investment.