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school-enterprise combination, a training base is established for jointly nurturing high-quality talents

  supported by the national strategy of “a plan to promote innovative capability of colleges and universities” and “nurturing people by the combination of science and education “and in order to promote the connection between colleges and universities and enterprises ,realize sharing of superior resources and accelerate nurture of high-quality talents , on the afternoon of december 12,2018,china western power ,represented by huang youquan , deputy party secretary signed a cooperative agreement named “elite class of xi’an jiaotong university and china western power” with xi'an jiaotong university, represented by zheng qinghua ,vice-principle .

  xi’an jiaotong university is famous in china .it has obtained plentiful achievements in scientific research and provided continuous technical support and talents for the country . and china western power is also an outstanding enterprise which focuses on new energy, environmental protection, design and manufacture of clean power plant, r & d of new energy and its application, system solutions and investment and operation. the cooperation aims to nurture excellent undergraduates with innovative awareness, ability and practical ability in fields of materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering and energy and power engineering; shows the resolution to nurture people by combining efforts of universities and enterprises ;marks that china western power further strength the cooperation with xi’an jiaotong university .