fighting the fourth quarter | riveting full energy to accelerate the sprint annual target task-凯发国际k8官网登录手机

 fighting the fourth quarter | riveting full energy to accelerate the sprint annual target task-凯发国际k8官网登录手机
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fighting the fourth quarter | riveting full energy to accelerate the sprint annual target task

fight for the fourth quarter and win the target of the whole year


stretch the production progress bar to promote construction acceleration


entering the front line of production and projects, producers and builders are completing the end-of-year sprint goals with determination.

concentrate efforts to promote production and fill up the production progress bar


in the company’s water-cooled wall, heavy volume, and serpentine tube production workshops, workers were busy producing pipe panels for the chongzuo project, headers for the xinjiang project, and serpentined pipe groups for the laos project. each product gradually took shape in the hands of the master workers.



entering the fourth quarter, the company’s equipment manufacturing sector was in intensive progress around projects in laos, andritz, qingdao, xinjiang, bawei, fujian and other places. workers were working overtime to keep production going. everyone was busy and did not dare to make any mistakes. we stopped slacking off and became more motivated to sprint towards the goals and tasks for the fourth quarter.

promote the acceleration of project construction and refresh the project progress bar


since the construction of the company’s overseas 660mw biomass coupled supercritical power generation project in nampan, laos, started in february this year, project construction has accelerated. the construction of the main structure and ancillary facilities of five connections and one level, office building, and duty building had been completed. the company’s xinjiang high-carbon and refractory waste dust comprehensive utilization project site had completed the concrete pouring of the short columns of the main factory building foundation, shear walls, boiler foundation, and power distribution building behind the furnace. the company’s qianxi project had now entered the interior decoration stage. each project uses reversed schedule planning, optimized material preparation, and consolidated supervision responsibilities to accelerate project construction and ensure project quality.


take multiple measures to ensure operation and maintenance and build a strong power plant protection line


during the critical period of the year, the company’s overseas waste-to-energy project in colombo, sri lanka, and the domestic zhangye biomass power generation project, etc., all employees were working hard, focusing on equipment operation and maintenance, strengthening safety management, and strengthening data support. at the same time, workers strengthened duty monitoring of background data, and precise operation. the maintenance would be online 24 hours a day. cwpc turned waste into green energy and lighted up thousands of households.

the company insisted on developing domestic and international markets at the same time. this year, the international market business had continued to recover. the company was engaged in ultra-supercritical and supercritical coal-fired boilers, biomass boilers, waste incineration boilers, blast furnace gas boilers, alkali recovery boilers, photovoltaic power generation, and wind power generation technology industries. the leading advantage had also been recognized by the countries along the belt and road.

currently, it had been deployed in south korea, laos, vietnam, thailand, palestine and other countries, and continued to contribute to the development of the company’s belt and road new energy industry corridor.

the domestic market business had also developed in various ways. since this year, it had won the qitaihe northern residential area cogeneration project (phase i) epc project, changting county waste incineration power generation 400t/d waste heat boiler project, and wuhan urban domestic waste classification resource preparation project. treatment projects (including changshankou food waste incineration collaborative treatment project, design, procurement and construction general contracting epc), clp green energy dalian wafangdian bearing industrial development zone distributed photovoltaic power generation phase i epc project, etc.