title: caring for industrial workers, promoting the construction of the workforce -凯发国际k8官网登录手机

 title: caring for industrial workers, promoting the construction of the workforce -凯发国际k8官网登录手机
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title: caring for industrial workers, promoting the construction of the workforce - cwpc's labor union carries out frontline industrial worker recuperation activity

in order to conscientiously implement the important instructions made by chinese president xi for promoting the construction and reform of the industrial worker team, as well as the requirements of the sichuan provincial federation of labor unions and the zigong city federation of labor unions, and to vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, and craftsmanship, care for industrial workers, and play the role of labor unions as bridge and link, we aim to build a high-quality industrial worker team in the new era.

with the care and support of the company's party committee and chairman li, cwpc's labor union organized the "2023 care for industrial workers and promote the construction of the workforce" frontline industrial worker recuperation activity. the first batch of recuperation activities has been launched on december 15th, and it is expected to organize more than 100 frontline industrial workers to participate in the recuperation activities by the end of december.

mobilizing, invigorating the spirit

at the opening ceremony, li zhongyuan, the company's marketing director and general manager of cwpc industry, attended the opening ceremony and gave a mobilization speech. he summarized the company's achievements in the market this year and clarified the direction for next year's goals. a new layout, a new departure, and a new spiritual outlook are needed. he hopes that frontline industrial workers can use this recuperation activity to achieve the goals of applying what they have learned, relaxing their mind and body, and empowering themselves with charging. they can use the warmth to nourish their energy, fight on the production line, ensure product delivery time, and fight the battle of product delivery well.

xu xiaoqin, member of the company's party committee, secretary of the discipline inspection commission, and chairman of the labor union, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. talents are the primary resource, and the company's labor union, as the maternal family of the vast number of frontline industrial workers, has always cared for the industrial worker team. the company's labor union attaches great importance to this recuperation activity. please rest and cultivate your energy, and devote yourself wholeheartedly to work with more enthusiasm and a high spirit, continue to write extraordinary stories in their ordinary positions, and bravely move forward to fully achieve the company's production tasks in 2024.

strengthening thinking, improving skills

by watching micro party classes of xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, it strengthens ideological and political education, and enhances the ideological and political guidance of recuperation activities. through the training on "enhancing the core work ability of team leaders", systematic teaching will be carried out from the aspects of ideological and political education, management improvement, etc., integrating teaching methods such as real case sharing, interactive teaching method, and multi experience teaching into the course. the vivid and interesting classroom experience empowers frontline industrial workers, enhances their grassroots management skills and efficient execution.

technical exchange, improving quality and efficiency

after the meeting, everyone organized a special discussion around "how to do grassroots work well and be a good team leader". based on their own work experience, they expressed their opinions and shared their experiences, practices, and thoughts on team construction, daily management, education and training, emergency response, and other aspects. everyone speaks their own words, and through mutual questioning and answering, we learn from each other and improve together, creating a discussion climax of strengthening technology, striving for innovation, and enhancing skills.

getting close to nature, relaxing the body and mind

in the shunan bamboo sea scenic area, known as one of the "top ten most beautiful forests in china", everyone strolls in the forest park, strolls in the green oxygen bar, listens to slow life, clear springs, green bamboo forests, secluded paths, bamboo paths, and the picturesque natural scenery and cultural charm of the shunan bamboo sea, relaxing and recuperating.

accumulating power and empowering, reaping full rewards

through the model of combining learning and nurturing, everyone can improve their quality through training and communication, and release pressure through getting close to mountains and rivers. they have expressed their deep feelings of care and concern from the company, and will devote themselves to their work with more enthusiasm and a proactive attitude in the future, making greater contributions to the high-quality development of the company.

employee voice

i am a team leader in the water wall workshop and also an experienced welder. i have been in the company for 19 years and deal with welding guns, welding rods, and steel every day. thank you to the company for organizing this training, which has greatly benefited me and strengthened my determination to become a team leader who wants to take on responsibilities, dares to take on responsibilities, is capable of taking on responsibilities, and is good at taking on responsibilities. after systematic learning and considering the situation of team building, i have great confidence in doing a good job in team building. next, i will lead my team colleagues to work together, unite and cooperate to improve their abilities, and work solidly in production!

                                                                                   ——wan kai from cwpc industry water wall factory

i am a batch grinder at steam drum, header and pressure vessel factory. i have been working in the company for 13 years since 2010 and have been working as a batch grinder. i am already an experienced worker. being able to participate in this recuperation activity, meeting so many friends, communicating with each other, and sharing experiences together, has also benefited me greatly. rest is for better starting, recuperation is for better work. after returning to work, i will translate the thoughts and ideas of this training activity into practical work.

                             ——peng gang from cwpc industry steam drum, header and pressure vessel factory

it is an honor to participate in this event. as a welder on the production line of the workshop, i joined the company in 2016. later, i left the company for 5 years due to enlistment. now that i have retired, i have returned to cwpc. this place is like my home, and i can't do without it. now i am a new welder and i am grateful for the excellent platform created by the company. as a grassroots employee, i will shoulder my responsibilities, implement my work, and achieve tangible results.

                                                                          ——chen zhiwei from cwpc industry coiled tube factory