There is a wide ranges spectrum under our services. Basically, we provide various types of services starting from report selling till consulting for project till last day. Market research company provides mainly three type of services.

  • Market Research Reports
  • Consultancy
  • Subscriptions

Highlights of Services

  • We provide details analysis of domain/topic and its market status.
  • Too clear all doubt and to prove out statistics with provide in-depth analysis backed up with past ears performance , current year’s stats, and forecast upto next 5 years
  • Parameters included in Report: Market competition, company profiles, Market outlook and CSFs (Critical Success Factors), Market Segmentation & Value Chain Analysis, Industry Dynamics Drivers and Restraints, market opportunities, applications, technological & regional impact and outlook, and much more!

Key Features and services of Subscription Plan:

  • Dedicated team of research associates, sales and 24*7 customer care Support.
  • Huge discounts
  • Affordable prices
  • Quick access to unlimited reports

Our Services

1) Market Research Reports

Market reports company provides mainly two types reports a) syndicate market research studies and b) as a reseller. In first scenario we have highly trained research team who works on different markets and domains and form a syndicate case studies/reports. We also provide a customized market research reports on request.

2) Subscription

We provide a premium option for our clients of “Subscription”. We provide yearly subscription; where a dedicated team will be allocated for you. We will prepare a report on the basis of your queries and requirements. These reports will not be be made available for other clients.

3) Consultancy

We provide Consultancy services; where a team of experts will help you grow you business. This team includes senior research associate, marketing expert and sales executive.

4) Round The Clock Assistance Service

In this fast moving world and continuously fluctuating global economical and various political factors, companies across the world need to be updated with each and every minute detail on various factors which may directly or indirectly impact the growth of the company in particular sector.

In order to ensure you stay updated with all market activities taking place each minute, we offer special service called, “Round The Clock Assistance”. This subscription allows your company to obtain every detail taking place in your industry.
Key Advantage of Round The Clock Assistance Service:

  • 24*7 research assistance throughout the year
  • Regular updates on quarterly basis
  • Special pricing access to premium content
  • Pre release access to prime content
  • Customized solutions at no additional cost

5) Monthly and Quarterly Market Analysis Services

At Pivot Market Research we offer a unique and customized service, “Monthly and Quarterly Market Analysis”. This service offers detailed analysis regular update on monthly and quarterly basis in various industries. Though we offer this service for most of industries, our special focus is on chemicals and materials sector. This sector being highly dynamic, it is prime importance for all industry participants to have quick and credible inputs for all major activities taking place in the market. This analysis offers a cutting edge to subscriber to take vital decisions for all major parameters across the value chain such as raw material procurement, distribution channel, inventory, production, etc.

Our monthly market analysis services help clients to get detailed information on below pointers,

  • Major market activities taking place on global, regional as well as country level
  • Provide weekly price trends for product of your interest on global, regional as well as country level
  • Various business strategies implemented by major players such as mergers, acquisitions, product launches and divestment on global, regional as well as country level

Key Benefits of availing this service:
  • Easy access in MS Excel format
  • Minimal cost of USD 215 per month
  • Shortest possible delivery timeline

6) Case Studies

Biodegradable Stents the Future of Stent Market
Request for more Relevant Case Study that suits your business.

Detailed Survey and Assessment of Automotive Wheels Market
Request for more Relevant Case Study that suits your business.

In-depth Analysis and Market Assessment of Healthcare Consulting Services Market
Request for more Relevant Case Study that suits your business.

We Have Become The Fastest Growing Market Research Company


  • We reached 1500 different research categories.
  • Till date 700+ clients gave positive feedback.
  • We are growing 50+ employees worldwide.
  • 3 corporate offices around the globe.
  • 2 acquisitions and mergers so far.
  • Revenues and Research Investment multiplied.

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